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Spun Gold TV announces today that all3media International has sold six-part observational documentary series Nine Months Later (6×60′) to 150 territories around the world with sales to Discovery Latin America, Discovery Europe and Foxtel Australia.

Nine Months Later, co-produced by Spun Gold with Bellota Productions for Sky Living in the UK, and shadows five first-time mothers and fathers for six months following the birth of their children. It explores the couples’ expectations of becoming a parent versus the reality, capturing the highs and lows of this life-changing time, as well as the natural adjustments that these couples must make to their lives.

Conceived by two new mums, Nine Months Later follows first-time parents as they embark on the most challenging journey of their life – the journey into parenthood. At its heart an observational character-led series, it captures every tearful moment of anxiety and every life affirming moment of joy that only this life changing period can bring.

Cameras are there at every crucial stage; capturing the sleepless nights and the strain on relationships, documenting Mum’s struggle to breastfeed, live up to the pressure of being ‘a good mum’ and coping with the loneliness as dad goes back to work; Dad faces the challenges of how best to bond with baby, adjust to a relationship where he now comes second and the tension he feels when his sex life has all but gone. Nine Months Later also captures the joy, the tears, and the overwhelming feelings of love that come when two people bring new life into this world.

12 Years Old and Caring For Mum: Through a Child’s Eyes


Spun Gold has been commissioned by Channel 5 to produce 12 Years Old and Caring for Mum, a compelling 1×60’ documentary, which explores the important social issues of child carers from the perspective of the children themselves.

The film follows three youngsters, aged between 11 and 13, from different families as they go through daily life at home. Told in the first-person, it’s an intimate account of their lives, as the kids show us the direct impact on them of the difficult circumstances which, through no fault of their own, they have to cope with.

The young narrators use video cameras to record their most intimate hopes and fears as they reflect on the experiences and challenges they face; such as what it’s like to have to race home from school to cook and clean for a bed-ridden parent. The children reveal, with the honesty and insight that only children can, the extraordinary pressures on their family relationships, friendships, schoolwork and their own life ambitions. The result is an emotional roller-coaster of a programme that offers a fresh and revealing insight into one of the most pressing social issues facing us today.

12 Years Old and Caring for Mum: Through A Child’s Eyes airs on Channel 5 at 10pm on Thursday 3 July 2014.